Master Technician Recognition

This patch indicates that your inspector is a Master Technician Certified.

Looking for a highly trained, experienced Pest Management Professional? The VPMA Master Technician designation is bestowed upon Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) who have completed intensive training on a series of species-specific pest groups. The VPMA Master Technician series currently features seven major pest groups - Ants, Bed bugs, Termites, Occasional Invaders, Cockroaches, Rodents and Flies. Once a PMP has mastered at least four pest groups they are designated a VPMA Master Technician. Most of our Master Technican's do not stop with just four pest groups, opting to complete the in-depth, science- based training for all seven pest groups. The course involves intensive pest identification using state-of-the-art microscopes, the biology of each species and current treatment protocol is covered, normally in a hands-on learning environment. If you are looking to hire a PMP that has earned their VPMA Master Technician Designation, see the list below (provided alphabetically by company).

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