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2023 Call for Nominations for VPMA Board is Open!

Do you want to be a leader?

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The Call for Nominations for the 2023 VPMA Board of Directors Starts Now!

from Ron Gaskill Chair, Nominations Committee

Greetings Everyone!

The Virginia Pest Management Association is a member-directed organization whose Board of Directors is elected by the Association’s membership. 

On the current board, three director seats, 2 regional director seats (in NOVA and Tidewater), and each officer seat are subject to election. While these are open seats, several currently serving board members will run for re-election.

With this e-Mail, The VPMA Nominations Committee is starting its 2023 processes to recruit and secure commitments for new Board members.  

To start the thought process, the Nominations Committee has put together some ……

Questions & Answers for the Call for Nominations

What Criteria Must Candidates Meet?

You must work for a pest management firm that is a current “Active Member” of VPMA that has no outstanding financial obligations to the Association.

The Nominations Committee seeks to ensure that the 2023 Ballot will include a strong and diverse group of applicants.  The Committee is seeking broad participation by VPMA members who are interested and willing to submit their name(s).

Who is the Ideal Board Member?

You are!  The Nominations Committee seeks diversity in terms of areas of expertise, employment sector, opinion, and/or geographic location.

The most important quality is a willingness to be engaged in the strategic direction of the VPMA.

Is Volunteer Experience a Prerequisite for Board Service?

No.  There is a certain amount of knowledge about the Board that comes from prior service on a VPMA Committee that can make the transition to becoming a member of the Board swifter, but there is not a prerequisite.

What is the Time Commitment?

There are typically four Board meetings each year (February, May, August, and November).  Usually, two meetings are virtual and two meetings are in person in Richmond, with the February meeting spanning a day and a half for planning.

With some of the Committee assignments, there can be a monthly virtual meeting between the Board meetings.  Each board member can have additional assignments that require different amounts of time.  The President, Vice President, and other members of the Executive Committee will also have additional time commitments.

What If I Am Nominated, But Not Elected?

With the available seats on the 2023 Ballot, and an anticipated highly talented pool of nominees, not everyone will be elected.  There is a myriad of volunteer opportunities within the VPMA to help you learn more about the VPMA, and to help you develop your leadership skills and your recognition within our industry.

Many nominees find success at their second (or third) attempt. 

What Is My Next Step If I Am Interested in Being Considered for a Place on the Ballot?

At any time during the Call for Nominations (which will end on October 19, 2023), anyone who is interested in a place on the ballot should contact a member of the Nominations Committee; Andrea Coron, VPMA Executive Director; or Dave Outhous, VPMA President. 

Please complete the 2023 VPMA Board Nomination Form, and submit to by October 19, 2023.

Please always feel free to contact either myself or any member of the Nominations Committee to discuss your interests! 

Our contact information is:

Ron Gaskill - or 202-213-0179  

Justin Kendall - or 804-591-9615

Dave Outhous, VPMA President - or 804-266-4608

Andrea Coron, VPMA Executive Director - or 540-374-9200


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